Friday, October 9, 2020: events TBD

Saturday, October 10, 2020: events TBD

Sunday, October 11, 2020: events TBD

Side Events

  • Luck of the Draw (our version of Strike Pot) – 1 ticket for $1; 6 tickets for $5
    • Bowler picked for this will draw a card from the deck containing Ace down through 2. Whatever card the bowler draws is what they will have to bowl to win the jackpot. For example, a bowler draws the 4 card, they will have to knock down 4 pins to win the jackpot. Ace = 1, Two through Nine = face value, 10 to King = Strike.
    • The ball thrown for Luck of the Draw will NOT count toward game score and will be deleted by Tournament Staff.
  • Scratch Masters –
  • Optional Scratch –
    • This event will use your average to split into Divisions so you will ONLY be competing with those individual who have a similar average than you.
    • Pay-outs will be 1:8 for Scratch Series for the tournament.
  • Bedroom Buddies – $5 per name per event
    • For this fun event, you will randomly pick a name of a fellow bowler from the bowl to become your Bedroom Buddy. The buddy’s scores will be added to your scores for that tournament event. Once the scores have been added and totaled, the winners will be atop the score sheet thanks to their Bedroom Buddy!
  • Best 3 of 9 – $5
    • We will take your best three scores over the course of the singles, doubles, and team events to determine your Handicap Series total for this side event.
  • Mystery Score – $5 per event
    • A predetermined Mystery Score will be announced at the end of Games 1 and 2 of Singles, Doubles, and Team.
    • If you bought into this side event and your score matches the Mystery Number called, you win! If more than one person matches the Mystery Game in a game, they will split the jackpot evenly.