Friday, October 9, 2020: events TBD

9 Pin No Tap

Saturday, October 10, 2020: events TBD



Sunday, October 11, 2020: events TBD


Scratch Masters


Side Events

9 Pin (Friday night)$25   +$5 after early bird ends9 Pin Scratch plus handicapKnock down 9 or 10 pins on your first ball and it counts as a strike
Mulligans available at 3 for $5
Mulligan can be used only after 1st ball for another attempt
Combine scratch scores of all three games bowled and rank
Money made from Mulligans is used in general prize fund, not 9 Pin payout
Bedroom Buddies$5 per name per Tournament EventSingles
 Scratch plus handicap for both bowlersA computerized randomly picked fellow bowler will become your Bedroom Buddy per Tournament EventYour score plus your Buddy’s score will be added together for that Tournament Event and rankedRandomly picked Bedroom Buddy does not win money
Best 3 of 9$10Combined Singles, Doubles, TeamBowlers of your average < 140
140 – 169
170 – 199
> 199
Scratch plus handicapTop 3 scores of your 9 games bowled ranked 
Mystery Score$5 per Tournament EventSingles
 ScratchAfter game 1 and 2 of each Tournament Event, a random number will be drawn
Match the last two digits of your scratch score
If more than one winner, pot is split
Example: Random number 87 is drawn, if you bowled an 87, 187 or 287, you winName badge will indicate if participating
Rainbow Raffle$75 for 500 tickets    Buyer disperses tickets in drawings for raffle prizes
Optional Scratch$10 (< 140) $20 (140-169)
$30 (170-199)
$40 (>199)   +$5 after early bird ends
Combined Singles, Doubles, TeamBowlers of your average < 140; 140 – 169; 170 – 199; > 199ScratchCombine scratch scores of all nine games bowled and rank 
Scratch Masters$10 (< 140) $20 (140-169)
$30 (170-199)
$40 (>199)   +$5 after early bird ends
Combined Singles and DoublesBowlers of your average < 140;
140 – 169;
170 – 199;
> 199
ScratchCombine scratch scores of Singles and Doubles
Top 6 bowlers in each division advance to Sunday afternoon
Tie breaker is first game score of Team event, then second game, then third game

Scratch Masters Format
o   Each division will bowl on two specified lanes.
o   All six bowlers will bowl.
o   Bowlers will have two practice balls per lane before start of first match.
o   Qualifiers will bowl with a ‘bottom person out’ format.
o   In event of tie for the lowest score, no elimination will be made during that round, however double elimination will take place the following round. 
o   In event of tie in the final match, the two bowlers will have a two frame roll off.  In the case of no winner after roll off, there will be a sudden death roll off.  The person with the highest pin count will be declared a winner.  In case of tie, bowlers will continue until a winner is declared.
· Sudden death is defined as a throw by throw competition until one of the bowlers throws a higher count than the other.