Register TODAY for the 2019 PBI Tournament!!!

Follow this link to the online registration form.

Early Bird Registration is $100 per person until September 15, 2019 when entry fees increase to $120 per person. 

All tournament participants must be an IGBO member.  If your bowling league is an IGBO league member, you do not have to pay the additional IGBO fees listed here.  Non-IGBO members may pay a $5 participation fee to qualify for entry into PBI or by paying for an associate membership to IGBO for $25.  

We will be opening the option of non-participant fee in mid-August for your partners, friends, and/or family who may be traveling with you to the tournament and they can be included in the banquet count. 

Breakdown of $100 registration:
$55 Buffet Banquet inc. taxes and fees
$18 lineage
$0.75 IGBO donation
$5 operating costs
$21.25 payouts

We are applying a 4% service charge to help cover credit card processing fees in effort to put as much money toward prize fund as possible.